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Kendon Stand-Up Trailers and Lifts to Attend 2015 Laughlin River Run

April 10th, 2015 No comments
Kendon Trailers to attend 2015 Laughlin River Run

Kendon Trailers to attend 2015 Laughlin River Run

Kendon Stand-Up Trailers and Lifts to Attend 2015 Laughlin River Run

It’s official, we will be at the 2015 Laughlin River Run.  Come by our booth to see the new 2015 trailers and say Hello!

“Anaheim, California, April 9, 2015 – Kendon Industries, LLC announced they will attend the 2015 Laughlin River Run and display their unique and innovative fold-up, stand-up trailers and bike lifts.

Kendon will display a mix of trailers and lifts specially designed to work with v-twin cruisers, custom choppers, and sportbikes in both the American and metric segments. Riders can check out Kendon’s products at the Riverside Resort exhibit area in a booth adjacent to the food and beverage area. Kendon’s product specialists will be on hand to answer questions, demonstrate product features, and hand out information and discount coupons.

The 2015 Laughlin River Run will be held in Laughlin, Nevada from April 22nd through the 25th.

Kendon Industries, LLC manufactures and markets Kendon Stand-Up™ Trailers and Lifts for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and Side x Side vehicles. Kendon Stand-Up™ Trailers and Lifts are top-quality powersports trailers and lifts designed to easily and conveniently fold up and stand up to occupy the least amount of storage space possible. Kendon invented the folding, Stand-Up™ trailer concept in 1991 and has been the market leader in space-saving powersports products ever since.”

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60 Seconds or Less: Motorcycle Loading and Unloading on a Trailer or Truck

January 28th, 2014 No comments

Motorcycle Loading on Dual Ride-Up Trailer

60 Seconds or Less: Motorcycle Loading and Unloading on a Trailer or Truck

The act of loading or unloading a motorcycle normally takes less than 60 seconds.  Motorcycle loading is a critical exposure with inherent risks that are far different than riding.  It requires different skills, knowledge and the right equipment.

Reality Check:  Serious vehicle damage, injury and even death can and does happen in the act of loading and unloading a motorcycle on a pick-up truck or a motorcycle trailer.  It happens fast!  Even professional riders have had mishaps when unloading and loading motorcycles.

If you haven’t already seen it, take a peek at the Top 10 Motorcycle Loading Fails video below before you continue reading.

A good laugh every now and then is great!  But (yes I’m going to be a buzzkill) when you’re done laughing, remember there is nothing funny about dropping your bike or getting hurt.  Loading and unloading a motorcycle is safe when done correctly. Continue Reading ‘Motorcycle Loading and Unloading…’

Trailer Tires: Avoiding Problems and Getting the Most Out of Your Trailer Tires

January 13th, 2014 2 comments

Trailer Tires

Trailer Tires: Avoiding Problems and Getting the Most Out of Your Trailer Tires

Neglected Trailer Tires can cause anything from a trip delay (getting stuck in the middle of nowhere) to a catastrophic failure.  Warning signals are quite different from your tow vehicle to your trailer.  If there is a tire on your tow vehicle that is grossly under inflated or out of balance you will feel it in the handling and feedback of your vehicle.  Your trailer will not give you as much feedback.  In most cases, you won’t feel a failing trailer tire until it’s too late.  Basic tire inspections and maintenance can stack the deck in your favor.  It only takes a few minutes before each use.  First thing: Knowledge!  Here are 3 tips that will get you the most out of your trailer tires and help avoid problems. Continue Reading ‘Trailer Tires…’

IronWorks Magazine: Kendon Stand-Up Trailers, Made In The USA

August 1st, 2013 No comments


Kendon Stand-Up Trailers

IronWorks Magazine on Kendon Stand-Up Trailers

A wonderful article from our friends at IronWorks Magazine about Kendon Stand-Up Trailers. We were very excited to give them a full tour of our facilities in sunny Southern California and give them a behind-the-scenes look at how our trailers are individually handcrafted here in the USA.  We walked through the process of a trailer being hand-made starting from raw tubing all the way through assembly and shipping.  Please read the entire piece from IronWorks: Kendon Stand-Up Trailers.

“As motorcyclists, our pride and our passion is to ride. From custom builds to weekend tourers and daily commuters, our motorcycles are at home on the pavement. But life has a way of throwing us curveballs, situations where safety, convenience or plain old common sense dictate taking a deep breath and recognizing that you need to tow your motorcycle at times instead of riding it.

For some of us, being in a position where we can’t ride the machine we love leaves a sour taste. This can lead to rash decisions, like buying a cheap foreign-made trailer that we don’t want to admit we need. “But would you buy a cheap parachute?” asks Frank Esposito, president of Kendon Industries. He makes an interesting point—if you do need to tow your bike because you’re moving, need to take it in for service or transporting your bike long distance, do you really want that fine piece of American machinery riding on a no-name trailer?

Of course not. And that’s why Kendon builds their trailers the way they do: in America, out of American materials, handcrafted by American workers…”

Read the full article: IronWorks: Kendon Stand-Up Trailers

Kendon Releases its Full Product Line Video DVD of Folding Trailers and Lifts

April 25th, 2012 No comments

Kendon Releases its Full Product Line Video DVD of Folding Trailers and Lifts

They’re finally here… our brand new Product Videos! Take a look at our Folding Trailers page to view individual videos or give us a call to get a full DVD sent to you. We’re really excited about these videos and we are looking to hear from you on what you think.  Feel free to comment below or send us your thoughts through email. Enjoy watching and ride safe!

“Produced by industry proven leader, Ignition3, this product DVD delivers a professionally produced video to tell the Kendon story exactly right. The video provides the customer and the dealer the perfect solution to select the right Kendon product for their specific needs. Customers will get great information to make an informed decision on a large purchase for long term ownership.

A customer can select to watch the entire video or easily select a product category, such as folding trailers, or a specific product. Each specific product segment is produced with a full demonstration of loading, unloading, folding up and storing. A wide range of vehicles from Dirt Bikes to Full Dress Road Bikes, UTV’s and ATV’s co-star in the movie so a rider can see each Kendon product loaded with all of the different categories of motorcycles, ATV’s and UTV’s. A rider can easily see what product will work best for his or her needs…

‘Kendon is both a performance vehicle and a tool. It is a three dimensional product that has very cool and patented mechanical movement. You simply can’t explain it or demonstrate it on a printed brochure. For the first time, our customers can completely understand the product and the company by simply watching the movie…’”

Also, be sure to check out Ignition3′s web site here for more cool videos they have done!

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Dirt Bike Riding on Mountain Top

January 20th, 2012 No comments

On a snow covered mountain trail that at times is less than a foot wide, with drops of over 100ft on either side, this guy goes for a wild ride on his dirt bike.  Who’s up for it?

Daytona Bike Week Trademarks Canceled. Sturgis Rally Trademarks Challenged And Donations Questioned.

December 23rd, 2011 No comments

Cyril Huze writes on the Daytona Bike Week and Sturgis Rally Trademarks…

Daytona Bike Week Trademarks. Last year, a New York-based holding company under the name of Mettemp Inc. registered the trademark Daytona Bike Week and began legal action against vendors using these terms. Immediately the regional Daytona Bike Week Chamber Of Commerce and “Good sports Of Daytona” took together a legal action to prevent this company of having any exclusive ownership of the term “Daytona Bike Week”. On Wednesday December 20, 2011 the Daytona Regional Chamber has won a landmark decision for the community: the Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Cobb Cole law firm earned a hard fought victory on behalf of the City of Daytona Beach and the surrounding communities. United States District Court Judge Mary Scriven issued an order prohibiting one local company and two apparently related New York companies from claiming exclusive ownership of the term “Daytona Beach Bike Week” and from threatening others with prosecution if they did not pay for the use of the name

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Incredible Motorcycle Drifting Skills

December 14th, 2011 No comments

Jorian Ponomareff shows off his talent and motorcycle drifting skills that he’s been working on since he was 14 years old. Watch him in this exceptional motorcycle drifting video.

Motorcycle Trailers Enhance the Riding Experience?

November 4th, 2011 3 comments

Motorcycle Trailers

Do Motorcycle Trailers Enhance the Riding Experience?

Kendon’s President, Frank Esposito, wrote an interesting piece on motorcycle trailers enhancing the riding experience. Hauling versus riding to a destination has been a longstanding debate amongst bikers and many stand divided on the issue. What do you think? Can trailers for motorcycles truly enhance your riding experience? Read on and post your comments on how you feel about the issue…

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Welcome Fall Season – Kendon’s Dirt Bike Trailer and Utility Trailers

October 27th, 2011 No comments
Utility Trailers

Welcome Fall Season – Kendon’s Dirt Bike Trailer and Utility Trailers

Our new entry into one of the largest powersports distributors in the US means a simplified shopping process and increased availability of Kendon utility trailers nationwide. These off road trailers offer great versatility towards many different applications and are now easier to get than ever.

“With the fall and winter seasons kicking into gear, it’s hard to resist the urge of getting into the wild for some quality off road riding. As the weather gets cooler, off road enthusiasts turn to the great outdoors for one-on-one time with their dirt bike, ATV and UTV toys. But, before the fun begins, there is always the challenge of finding a quality off road trailer to get these fun toys to a great riding spot. Luckily, Kendon offers the ideal solution with its dirt bike trailer and off road utility trailers. With the introduction of new applications for their off road trailers, Kendon is excited about the inclusion of their off road line of trailers into the new 2012 catalog of one of the largest powersports distributors in the country; Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice Distributing.”

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